Dan Jenkins is the owner and founder of CT Power Fit Expo. For Dan, a Martial Artist for over 30 years and a Personal Trainer for 10, fitness is in his blood. Alongside his wife Shannon, an NPC National Competitor and member of Team Bombshell, working out and eating right is a daily commitment. From the first Karate Championship in 2006 to the first CT Power Fit Games in November 2015, that drew competitors from as far away as California and Colorado, Dan has worked to build this company for many years waiting for the right time to explode onto the East Coast with his idea and vision.

We believe in TEAM (together everyone achieves more), that each event be professionally staffed and that everyone matters.

The goals of CT Power Fit Expo are to:

  • Bring exciting sporting events back to the floor such as Arm Wrestling, Bodybuilding, Strongman, and Sport Karate.
  • Have a place where families can come enjoy without fear of content.
  • Give all the local competitors a place to showcase their talent alongside professionals.
  • ¬†Bring awareness about nutrition, health and fitness.

We have a proven blueprint for success! To contact CT Power Fit Expo for show or sponsorship information, please email us at: powerfitexpo@gmail.com